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We spoke with Ru&man, an electronic music DJ who feels deep inside the music he plays…

We spoke with Ru&man, an electronic music DJ who feels deep inside the music he plays…


”My mother always had records at home and some Technics turntables, hence my passion for music. I started with organ classes, always being self-taught, playing the instruments by ear. From the beginning I was drawn to percussion, learning African music by playing the djembe with friends. Currently, the knowledge that I learned I have adapted to the production of electronic music.

At home I usually listen to a lot of jazz, funky, soul music and many different DJ sessions from around the world, always looking for new sounds and sensations”.

DJ of the current Canarian electronic scene, an emerging talent that has left its mark in some clubs in Ibiza.

Born in Gran Canaria, Ruyman AKA Ru&man in 2008 began his career as a resident DJ at Jet Club Las Palmas in his hometown. However, at the end of that year he headed to Ibiza, staying for 6 years working in many important venues, terraces and beaches such as Café del Mar, Saturdays at No Name, Eden, Es Paradise, Benimusa Park, Ocean Beach among other private parties and island boats. There, Ru&man began to develop his very versatile sound mixing house, techno, indie, funky, organic…

 But what really sets Ru&man apart from other DJs is his focus on music production. In recent years, he has been hard at work in his studio, creating a series of tracks that have been very well received by critics and audiences alike. With a unique combination of rhythms and sounds, his songs have been released on labels such as Hands Up, Satisfied Records, Poker Flat recordings, and now working closely with Emill de Moreu at Tapas Recordings.

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Highly respected DJ in his hometown. Currently, he is a resident DJ at the Moma Club in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, where he can experiment with his sound and connect with his local community.

In short, Ru&man is one of the most exciting and innovative DJs emerging on the scene today. With his unique mix of sounds and rhythms, he has captivated audiences around the world and has shown that he has a very promising future.