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 ‘Ojalá Muchá’ returns to the stage with his new work ‘El arte de volar’

 ‘Ojalá Muchá’ returns to the stage with his new work ‘El arte de volar’

The band from La Palma Ojalá Muchá returns to the stage to celebrate its 25th anniversary and present its latest album, ‘El arte de volar’.

Songs like ‘El verso en la boca’, ‘Lluvia de mirlo’, ‘Urano’, ‘Falling Up’, ‘Vengo’, ‘Pa Pa Pa’ or ‘El avocado’, will merge with the new songs recorded in the spring of this year in the Las Tricias studio by Eremiot Rodríguez, such as ‘It’s already late’, ‘1000 Km’, ‘The center of the world’, ‘I can’t help it’ or ‘Then it happens’.

Their latest studio album, ‘El arte de volar’, comes after the group has been 25 years old. More than two decades have passed since that ‘Sentado kómodamente’ released in 1998. The group, made up of the drummer José de la Cruz, the singers and guitarists César Pérez and José Álvarez and the bassist Juan Ramón Sosa, describes their new record production, ‘The art of flying’, as “the most complete and sincere”.

In these 25 years, ‘Ojalá Muchá’ has maintained a line in their albums that has led them to drink from various sources, and to show works that are difficult to pigeonhole or label, moving from symphonic rock to the closest pop-rock. According to the vocalist and guitarist José Álvarez, the concert of his reappearance at the Miller will be divided into three phases: one dedicated to the new album, another proposed as an acoustic set with some songs that are emblematic for us and a last one in which the band will bet on the most electric and powerful sounds. “It’s been a long time since we played in the capital of Gran Canaria”, recalls Álvarez. “For us, the present is important, the here and now, and for this reason we face a tour this summer that keeps us very excited”.

‘El arte de volar’ summarizes in ten songs recorded on the island of La Palma itself, the history of this musical formation whose arrangements and instrumentation were forged in the same recording room, thus obtaining “a fresh, direct and sincere sound, without production frills”, as the band itself warns. “We have always been defined as an eclectic group”, continues the vocalist of ‘Ojalá Muchá’. “We try to write lyrics that identify us. In ‘El arte de volar’ they are all written in Spanish, not like in most of the previous installments where we include songs in English”.

To date, the band from Palma has released the works ‘Sentado komodamente’ (1998), ‘Ojalamuchá’ (2000), ‘102 Maneras de Soñar’ (2005), ‘Cara A’ (2008), ‘Ángeles con Alas Rotas’ ( 2010), ‘Directo a la cabeza, Directo al Corazón’ (2011) and ‘¿Y pop qué no?’ (2014).

“I suppose that we will be remembered as a pioneering band in the use of social networks to make themselves known abroad and also as one of the palm groups that have managed to maintain a regular projection outside the island, which is very difficult. We have been lucky enough to share the stage with the best groups in the Canary Islands such as Las Ratas, Especies, Los Coquillos… On that tour we have made a lot of friends who will always be there and who have collaborated on our records”, he adds.

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“We are coming and going, appearing and disappearing. We also could not be focused on music one hundred percent because this activity is very exhausting and very demanding. That is why we respect bands that dedicate themselves to touring and face concerts day after day. For us it is an opportunity to get back in front of the public and we are very motivated by the fact that we can do it with new songs”.

You can now listen to `El Arte de Volar’ on digital platforms