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Socio-Cultural Association of Visual Arts and Graffiti ‘Back to Back’

Socio-Cultural Association of Visual Arts and Graffiti ‘Back to Back’

It was founded in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in 2019.

Made up of young Canarian artists, most of them active for more than 20 years, which makes them perfect connoisseurs of everything related to urban culture and its possibilities. It arises from the need to have a space where Canarian artists can establish a forum for expression and meeting, projecting and enriching society through the culture of visual arts and graffiti, as well as being able to promote dynamics of social participation based on artistic expressions.

Its main objective is the promotion of urban visual arts, graffiti and its culture, promoting artistic and cultural thought in today’s society, especially in the Canarian reality. For this, they offer different activities such as training actions and artistic workshops.

Its proposals are aimed at people of all ages and social groups. The most popular activities are those aimed at the children-youth collective, in which they encourage the artistic expression of the youngest through the creation of murals using graffiti techniques. They are also dedicated to the elaboration of artistic decorative murals on demand, adapting to all kinds of supports and styles, be it figurative or abstract art.

They offer advisory services, as well as the production and management of different cultural proposals such as festivals, meetings, exhibitions or projects of an artistic and/or urban nature.

They have carried out different artistic activities and actions in schools, festivals and public spaces, creating joint synergies with other Canarian associations and foundations, especially those that offer care to especially vulnerable groups, using art as a tool to generate spaces for healthy coexistence and leisure. .

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