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Association Draga Feminist Space – LGTBIQ

Association Draga Feminist Space – LGTBIQ

Draga is an activist space which unites the rational and critic feminist ideology and LGTBIQ* from the Canary Islands.  

In its agenda you may find promotion and defense of civil and human rights, democratic values of justice, freedom, equality, solidarity, cooperation, non-violence way of resolving conflicts and pluralism in the social state of the Canary Island, especially acting on young ages.

It also indicates the defense and promotion of women’s freedom and autonomy, gender equality, the fight against the misogynist violence and gender inequalities. We conceive this activism founded by the values of sexual and gender diversity and the fight against LGTB-fobia. 

All of that focused on forming the canarian civil society and building a critic and compromised citizen on feminist values and human rights.

What are their main actions?

– Sensibilisation campaigns to eradicate sexism and violence through collective activism and social implication.

– Formation and diffusion activities like talks, workshops, courses, meetings, seminaries, conferences…

– Edition and publication of social and educational materials.

– Social Intervention and Educative Programs

– Feminist-LGTBIQ+ Activism



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Asociación Draga Espacio Feminista LGTBIQ*

Teléfonos: 928 382 485 / 615 624 393


Paseo de Chil – Nº3, Bajo

C.P.: 35014

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria