About us

We are a huge team of professionals from many art branches and, of course, we consume CULTURE.

After a long period of maturation, we felt the need to fulfill an empty space of promotion and disclosure of cultural and entertainment events, a fundamental pillar of each country and region of the world.

We’ve been together for more than ten years. in many shapes and forms, the industrial and the artistic sector from the Canary Islands.

We produce and we make events related to this, like the International Big Bang Vintage Festival.

In our web, social networks as well as in our magazine, you’ll find Local Holidays from each Town Hall, exhibitions halls, concerts, theatre, dance, photography, art design, cinema, literatura, children activities, promoters events and national and international productions who bet on offering culture and quality entertainment.

Where to eat and where to enjoy any aspect of our gastronomy is also our job.

Supporting PRIMARY SECTOR is an endless fight which we try to lead. Is the only way to support agriculture and their workers and for our visitors a deep tour of our gastronomy.

We work really hard to make any foreigner know our Culture and Entertainment Guide of Gran Canaria and to know the big offer of activities we have in any part of our island, to enjoy and to disconnect.
For all these, our will and our daily effort is focused on this dream coming true. We feel the trust deposited by everyone (followers and entrepreneurs), we invite you to make us your daily guide of entertainment and to read our articles to know from our island and our people.