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Cinema’s footprint

Cinema’s footprint

When reality overcomes fiction. Cinematographic Legends.

You may know about Bela Lugosi. She used to sleep in a coffin as his own character in “Dracula” or maybe you know that Stanley Kubrick directed the first time man walked on the moon for the USA’s government. It’s also possible you may heard Walt Disney was cryogenized when he died or Marilyn Manson starred in the tv show “The Wonder Years”.

Have you ever heard something about the death of the actor who interpreted Steve Urkel? 

Many people assured they have seen Marilyn Monroe or Elvis Presley alive and many other have read the famous line on the Groucho Marx’s tomb “Sorry for not standing

Probably, you knew some of these tales which are part of the history of Tv and cinema. But I’m here to tell you: Sorry, but they are fake, they are just pure fiction.

However, there are many others which are apparently fake but they were true stories in the end. For example, the horse head in “The Godfather” is real. It was brought from the slaughterhouse.

George Lucas himself, ignored for years that asteroids from “The Empire Strikes Back” were made with potatoes and a painted shoe.

Films that were considered damned due to causal deaths among the actors, like the girl of “Poltergeist”, a polemic film directed by Steven Spielberg. Although in the credits the official director was Tobe Hooper. 

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And many other tales Made in Spain like Chiquito de la Calzada’s cameo in the famous american tv show “Love Boat” or the night that Ava Gardner was driven by the spanish singer El Fary in a taxi alongside the streets of Madrid.

Sadly, nowadays, a lie can be forced to be true if everyone repeats it. Like in any other field, there are a few people who doubt it.

Luis Díaz

Cinematographic documents analyst.