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Escape from the routine with the September magazine

Escape from the routine with the September magazine

September 27th

The official celebration of World Tourism Day has taken place every September 27 since 1980.

The declaration of this day took place in Torremolinos (Spain). The date is also considered appropriate because it coincides with the end of the peak holiday season in the Northern Hemisphere, and the beginning in the southern half.

This year is intended to highlight the shift towards recognizing tourism as a crucial pillar of development.

Tourism is a sector that has been growing in recent years.

More and more people venture to visit distant places and integrate with the locals, discovering new cultures and new landscapes.

Traveling has become a pleasure to which millions of people around the world aspire: adventurers eager for new goals, travelers in search of new experiences, photographers and, in general, any ordinary person.

But, what is truly dangerous about tourism is the overcrowding suffered by many mythical places and especially with the rise of social networks, Instagram Photo Tourism. A public that does not respect the place, the environmental impact.

We just have to remember the video of Los Jameos del Agua in Lanzarote this summer, nonsense.

We vote for tourism that is sustainable over time, regulated, without overcrowding, where what is truly important is the enjoyment of the place, the culture and its people.

From our humble position we strive to offer visitors our culture, customs and new artistic trends. Preserving and valuing our past will build a strong future on its foundations.

Help us give visibility to #LocalCommerce and the #CanaryArtists!

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Help us fight for a world where #Art and #Culture is always present in every corner.

Help us to have quality #Tourism, the best restaurants with the best service, the best beaches, the best routes, the best landscape, respect for our artists…

We have the best temperature in the world!

Now it’s time to give them the best Culture in the World!