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Planeta Tela create cloth diapers to take care of our world

Planeta Tela create cloth diapers to take care of our world

Planeta Tela is an online cloth diaper store based in Gran Canaria. Every Monday afternoon, the store is transformed into a physical store at the Herbolario La Barranquera, Telde. There they also do personalized advice and face-to-face workshops.

Planeta Tela arose from Isabel’s need, as a mother, to find alternatives to disposable diapers. In the Islands there are some breeding establishments where you can buy cloth diapers, but there was not yet a specialized place where you could find any style, format or system. So, with great enthusiasm, she began this small project that also aims to create a community with families that already use cloth diapers in the Canary Islands and those that are just starting out. They want care to always be personalized, because each baby is different and the needs of families can be diverse.

With much love, Planeta Tela is being built with the products of international and national brands, all run by women. In his store you can find cloth diapers from well-known brands, from foreign artisans and from Spanish artisans. Always products made with organic materials and certified fabrics, so that taking care of our babies also means taking care of our Planet.

At Planeta Tela you can find cloth diapers of different systems: all-in-one, all-in-two, fleece, wool and fleece covers, pads of different materials (cotton, bamboo, hemp, linen), pre flats, accessories such as storage bags and transport, lanolin for wool blankets or tweezers to hold gauze. All of its products are OekoTex or GOTS certified, which ensure that the fabrics are ecological and safe for use in direct contact with the baby’s skin.

They have a wide variety of products and systems because they know that each baby is different and their needs vary depending on multiple factors. In this sense, consultancies are essential: they listen to families and recommend the products that best suit what they are looking for.

The main product is the mother-to-mother contact, where listening and openness are essential. 



Planeta Tela, softness on the other side of the skin