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Power Yoga, when the priority is the health

Power Yoga, when the priority is the health

Change your life and call Power Yoga.

Call and tell us what objective do you want to accomplish, what condition are you in, if you’re pregnant, if you need peace and quiet, if you have some physical injury that you want to rehabilitate or you simply are a natural athlete who wants to perform better…

We guide you if you haven’t yet decided what yoga style you want to begging with…!!!

Why practicing Yoga

Practicing Yoga will make you feel well-balanced, will raise your self-esteem, will strengthen your mind and immune system… to remain young and healthy… through the Asanas and Breathing technics.

The Yoga is a practice that helps the self-knowledge, to detoxify yourself from different environments, to renew a lifestyle besides from constantly staying in shape.

Start practicing Yoga with us in the classes of Power Yoga Canarias.

Assimilate the technics of breathing and meditation for healing and rejuvenating!

It’s a free style of life and of Yoga!

It has its roots in the traditional methods but it doesn’t stick to any strict rule, giving space to the creativity and the enjoyment.

Asanas (Postures) are practised in a dynamic and energizing way (Vinyasa), what tones your body and allows controlling the mind; a meditation in movement that follows the natural laws that dictates the balance and flexibility, the posture and the rest, the breathing and the concentration, the dedication and the fears.

Prānāyāma (control of the Breathing) is practiced to learn how to control your life through the knowledge of the breathing… and take everything learned home…

What delimits how far we can get is how receptive we are to the growth!

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