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We Were Heading North and their album ‘Three’ surrounds us with their Post Rock sound

We Were Heading North and their album ‘Three’ surrounds us with their Post Rock sound

In Tenerife, at present, within the world of record publishing, the label stands out, which is mainly a record store, Hey Boy Hey Girl. Its editions are obtained directly at its premises, located in the city of La Laguna, where it also distributes many of the Canarian records that are currently being published.

A similar story has been that of Aguere Live, the record label of the well-known concert hall in the same city, and a few years before El Hombre Bala Records. El Hombre Bala “The Bullet Man” was born as a catalyst for the bands that frequented, and luckily at that time they acted, in the bar of the same name that Julio Delgado founded in Santa Cruz.

The union of El Hombre Bala with Los 80 Pasan Factura allowed records by groups such as Guerrilla Urbana, Brutalizzed Kids or Ma Pogo to come to light, and songs from Superbibliam, the project of Pablo Meneses, who was the singer of Moral Femenina in the 80s.

El Hombre Bala has recovered bands from the 80s such as La Pista Búlgara and personal projects of musicians from the Tenerife music scene of the 80s such as Juanjo Jorganes (Moral Femenina) and Tomás Postman (Syndrome).

On the other hand, Los 80 Pasan Factura in recent years has expanded the field of publishing and has not only focused on recovering old or current recordings of bands from the 70s and 80s, but also, given the push of current bands such as Abuela Muerte , La Masacre or Dyatlov, has edited several references that move away from the initial line.

In the aftermath of the pandemic, both labels have agreed to release some current band work. The result will materialize in the coming months, but now it’s the turn of We Were Heading North and their album ‘Three’.

Post rock, purely instrumental, music to imagine impossible landscapes.

This is the third work of this Tenerife project that brings together among its components members of other formations on the current scene. The seven songs that make up this new work have been recorded and mastered by Ayoze Hernández at Estudios Guamasa. Added to the work on the guitars by Ione Rodríguez and Pablo Hugo is the forcefulness of the drums by Carlos Amador and Dailos González, the bass guitar by Raúl Alonso and the necessary evocative keyboards by David González.

A totally different proposal because, if WWHN is characterized by something, in a world of excesses of words, messages, codes and profanity, music is the vehicle, if not the end in itself, which should allow us to dream and above all, serve as a companion in this adventure that is to live.

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Available on the main digital platforms, and few physical record stores that are the resistance in the islands, by contacting the band itself you can get your copy, and enter a community in which the compass always points north.

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