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Ámbito Cultural El Corte Inglés

Ámbito Cultural El Corte Inglés

Ámbito Cultural is a service offered by El Corte Ingles Shopping Centre in which the culture is the main focus.

Since April of 2005 the Shopping Centre of Mesa y Lopez has been taking in the Ambito Cultural room located in El Corte Ingles of Mesa y Lopez, 18 6th floor an extensive programming of monthly activities.

Inside the wide variety of activities that are offered in their cultural guide, free of charge until the full capacity, we can find the launch ceremony of books and albums, music performances, pictorial and/or photographic exhibitions, book Club, writing Workshop, talks of all kind related to the different courses (Travel; Cinema from the Canary Islands; Opera…) or cinematographic screenings.

We invite you to visit the space of the Ambito Cultural and enjoy the excellent quality of all the events programmed.

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