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Canary Islands’ Fotography School

Canary Islands’ Fotography School

The Canary Islands’ Fotography School, ECFI, opened up in the year 2013 in Las Palmas of Gran Canaria with the purpose of encouraging the learning and knowledge of the photography, providing their students with the necessary skills and technics for their own development.

In our school you will be able to find a variety of courses, workshops and different activities we will be carrying out. The learning system is based on small groups, from 12 to 15 people maximum; in that way you will always have a personalized attention, combining theory and practice at different levels.

ECFI hopes to be, in addition, a multidisciplinary meeting point, open to the creative curiosity and for all of you who enjoy and appreciate the art of photography.


+ Info:

  • C/ Canalejas 7, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
  • +34 928 23 88 10
  • Web ECFI