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La Lente, your school of photography, video and graphic design in Las Palmas

La Lente, your school of photography, video and graphic design in Las Palmas

Our history

The month of December of 2018 it opens its doors in Las Palmas of Gran Canaria a new photographic School, with more than 150 square metres dedicated to the photography and postproduction education. It has a totally equipped studio with first-level materials, as well as a study area and a library.

This photographic space is not just a school, it’s a centre dedicated to the development of the creativity, the debate, the promotion and the art dissemination. Each month it offers a programme of activities and events open to everyone.

La Lente has turned into an educational model in Canarias; it has teachers educated in the Escuela de Arte Superior y Diseño Gran Canaria, professional active photographers, with a large educational experience, offering a varied programme of basic and specialized workshops for every level. We believe in a photography school truly focused in the interest and learning of the students.

Why choosing us?

  • Our vocation is the specialized education.
  • We have a large experience as trainers.
  • We constantly update our programmes.
  • We have very complete facilities.
  • Personal attention and small groups.
  • Our team of teachers have been firmly picked.
  • We offer you the best quality-price ration.

Our work philosophy:

  • We work for a teaching based on the practice, in a dynamic way that encourages the participation, the creativity and the team work.
  • Our educational workshops are taught in small groups, what makes possible a personal monitoring and a better use of the facilities, the material resources and the optimization of the time.

Where are we?

Our school is located in the St/ León y Castillo 71B, Establishment 5  – 35003 in Las Palmas of Gran Canaria.

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