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Centro Integral de Bienestar Psicológico Solipsis & Centirme

Centro Integral de Bienestar Psicológico Solipsis & Centirme

In the Centro Integral de Bienestar Psicológico Solipsis & Centirme, we Understand the Psychological Well-being as the achievement of balance between what I think, feel and do and, in harmony with the meaning of life. Our therapeutic approach relies on the humanist principles like the proximity, the acceptance and the respect. We want to offer a comprehensive view that results in ‘‘healing’’ our wounds, in healing our relationships. 

It stands out the open and multidisciplinary character of the centre as it takes in the new technics and models of various psychological approaches about people who ask for assistance, as counsel, consultation or to start or carry on their process of individualisation.    

  • Psychodynamic Therapy
  • EMDR
  • Sensorymotor Psycotherapy
  • Mindfulness
  • Psycocorporal Therapy 
  • Bioenergetic Dance Therapy
  • Holoanalitic Therapy 

The approach is holonic (the term holistic could also be use) considering the existence of all dimensions intrinsically interrelated in a way that an “alteration” in one of them, involves repercussions, reactions on the others.

Services of the centre:

Therapies: Single, couple, or group.

Family therapy

Workshops and seminars about Personal Growing

Therapeutic retreat


Dance Therapy

Intra and Extra Judicial Familiar Conflict Mediation

Personal growth ACTIVITIES

The BIO-ENERGETIC DANCE-THERAPY, from a psycocorporal standpoint, promotes processes of integration of the Being. (at a somatic, emotional, cognitive, spiritual and relational level). It’s based on the sounds – music, on the movement – dance, the rhythms and tempos, the breathing – oxygen, the vibration – energy, the word, the meditation and, in our proposal, the Relationship. 

The BIOENERGETIC ANALISIS, from the doctor Alexander Lowen, founder of the Bioenergetics, he observed that the emotional issues should be addressed in a hostile way, meaning, integrating the body and its body language – meaning, how the person breaths, moves and physically expresses, and not exclusively focus in the conscious verbal expression. 

It’s a Seminar where each month we will focus on one topic.

It starts on February, every Wednesday, from 19 – 21 h. The Topic will be “The Emotions”.  

Theory of the Emotions, emotional effects on yourself. Approached from a comprehensive and dynamic standpoint.


The meditation, understood as full attention or full conscience, is a fantastic mean to delve into our own internal experience and is used by various trends of psychological therapies to know, delve into and heal certain aspects of our life.  

It needs to be clarified that the meditation is the main vehicle in the journey of the Mindfulness, as the Mindfulness is a way of viewing the life, a philosophy, being very connected to the Buddhism, but with a religious connotation.  At its core, it expresses the will of making our own existence an experience free of suffering (or at least, that it’s the least possible). The ‘‘group Psychotherapy based on the Mindfulness’’ focuses on this types of ‘‘obstacles’’: resistances, defences, shields, beliefs, feelings, emotions, etc., that prevent seeing the infinite possibilities of change that can happen to, simply, life better. 

With the guided meditations, we provide a selective attention to some relevant aspect that emerges at the moment, slightly and with respect delving into it, without forcing and with kindness. We add the advantages of the group: an environment that provides the harmony from ‘‘right hemisphere to right hemisphere’’, between Me and the Other, in a way that sharing experiences facilitates perceiving security and protection.    

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