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Desafiro jewelry to highlight your personality

Desafiro jewelry to highlight your personality

“After studying graphic design in Las Palmas de GC and working for two years in this sector, the possibility of combining a part-time job with jewelry studies that were taught at the School of Art and Design of Gran Canaria was opened up for me”, so in less than I expected I began to study what I was really passionate about. It has been 5 years since the first time I picked up a hacksaw and I think every single day that I have made the best decision doing my own jewelry”

Desafiro is a brand of jewelry designed and created by hand in Gran Canaria. The brand was born in 2020, in full confinement, by the hand of Marian Miranda Betancor. With an uncertain future and a lot of time to create, they took advantage of the confinement to bet on what they liked the most, creating.

They started with the search for a name, and how creating is nothing more than playing with ideas, they wanted it to be a play on words. This is how Desafiro was born, to unite the personal and professional challenge involved in starting this project and the Sapphire, the most captivating gemstone used in high-end jewelry.

They create jewelry in sterling silver and natural stones with simple and practical yet original designs, always with a different touch. They want their customers not to be afraid of jewelry and to wear it on a daily basis, regardless of whether they go to the beach, play sports or do any other day-to-day activity.

In order not to get bored, he tells us:

 ”Once a month we create a unique jewel proposed by our followers on social networks under the “Friday Challenge” project. Without a doubt, a creative and technical challenge of which we recorded the entire process and uploaded it to the networks every month´´.

They are currently immersed in the design of the new collection in which both women and men will be able to find that piece that represents them.

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