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ATIS Association (Association for Transformation and Social Integration)

ATIS Association (Association for Transformation and Social Integration)

ATIS is a Canarian Association that works for the complete integration of migrants, focusing especially on women and minors and fighting against discrimination, mainly caused by race and gender.

The perception of people who undertake the journey from the African continent to our shores is usually negative. This is mainly due to ignorance caused by the mismanagement of information by the media and political leaders. This leads African people who live in the Canary Islands to suffer strong isolation, as well as multiple discriminations due to their skin color, their nationality and/or their gender. African girls and women suffer especially along their migration journey.

That is why at ATIS they develop projects aimed at:

  • The awareness of the Canarian population through African music, culture and traditions.
  • The integration of the African population residing in the Canary Islands through artistic and social projects.
  • The fight against discrimination based on race, gender, nationality, etc.
  • Training in tasks and/or trades that provide migrants with job placement or a way to generate income.

Looking to the future, they want to continue developing projects aimed at:

  • Empowerment and training of migrant women for their integration into the Canarian labor market.
  • Sensitization in schools and youth centers about African culture; bringing stories, traditions, music, etc.
  • Artistic (dance, percussion) and cultural exchanges between Africa and the Canary Islands.

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