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March Magazine: culture and attitude

March Magazine: culture and attitude

International Women’s Day, March 8:

A continuous fight of rights for equality

March 8 is a day that celebrates the rights won by women in all areas and commemorates the long history of struggles and sacrifices to achieve them.

Women’s empowerment remains a central element of EVERYBODY efforts to address social, economic and political challenges around the world.

And for this, we remember the great campaign “We Can Do It!”, also known as “Rosie the Riveter”, a symbolic image that has inspired millions of women over the years and is still present in the collective memory. as an icon of popular culture.

Rosie was born in 1942, she rose to fame at a difficult time for Americans, offering women tools to find equality with the male gender. He invited women to work in trades traditionally thought for men, weapons factories or war vehicles.

The image, created by the artist J. Howard Miller, is about a woman with her right arm bent and her fist clenched for strength, with a firm face and the phrase “We can do it” as a title.

Every day, the women of the world look for their place in a society that sometimes does not let them move forward… Although we live in the first world, cases of machismo that we thought were forgotten are occurring in our youth.

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