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Nereida Castro navigates in her element (Su Elemento), photography

Nereida Castro navigates in her element (Su Elemento), photography

The photographer Nereida Castro ever since she evidently discovered that photography was her passion, or as Ken Robinson would say, ever since she discovered “my Element” (Mi Elemento), she felt that “she” is irresistibly attracted to her.

His first reflex camera was given to him by his father in April 2016 and since then he has not been able to stop organizing art exhibitions. Photography is his best way of expression. His visual power seduces and enlivens him.

Even before having her first SLR, she was already organizing and coordinating artistic projects, enjoying herself, playing at being a photography model since 2013. They told her that when she posed she looked like she was dancing, that the way of expressing was attractive. And it is that dance, body expression in general, has always been an important part of her being. Within dance he has tried various styles. She recently learned classical ballet and character dance at the Kati Sabaleuskaya Russian Ballet School.


The natural tendency of his artistic expression tries to delve into people. Clearly his passion is portraiture.

He is overwhelmingly attracted to people, he sees them as works of art with infinite possibilities. They encourage you to investigate them, to try to capture part of their essence.

He loves photography for its own sake, without frills, but he also needs to intertwine, play and experiment. In this sense, he loves to unite artistic disciplines.

Another note that characterizes her is that she tends to expand with self-portraits, combining the role of photographer and model to it. If it is said that the portrait is complex, self-portraits would be something like “a higher step, which also makes it easier to explore and get to know yourself better.”

Nereida tells us firsthand: ”Perhaps what defines me the most is that the avalanche of creative ideas that are recreated in my head I make them come true. In other words, I materialize everything, I give it a physical body, I build it, or rather, we build it, because I do most projects as a team. I like to see printed photographs, so that it doesn’t just remain on my computer, that’s the only way I feel that I’m closing projects and I can start new ones… I close artistic cycles when I materialize the project, I materialize the project in physical works, giving them a dimension, sharing them in a space.

So far my most personal projects have been my multiple self-portrait works and the project The magical world of my mother, where I have approached the subject of my mother’s Alzheimer’s in a positive, creative and tender way.”

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In short, Nereida is above all this: devising and carrying out. He tries not to keep creative ideas from accumulating in his head, he welcomes these ideas, embraces them and gives them life.


On the occasion of Women’s Day in March 2023, he will exhibit “50 Las Nereidas nymphs” in the room of the Island Library in the Plaza de Las Ranas.