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The taste of Carnival … Carnival Pancakes

The taste of Carnival … Carnival Pancakes

The countdown begins for these festivities to arrive, which invade the entire island with color and glitter. Carnival is celebrated before Lent begins – the forty days before Easter. During these days, Christians had to abstain from many aspects of their lives, including gastronomy. During Lent you cannot eat meat on Fridays.

But, before those days of abstinence arrived, people needed a party where liberation and enjoyment was what they wanted. Hence “Don Carnal”, the Carnival, was born. Let’s see that its name already refers to gastronomy, because the word is linked to the word “meat”, all due to the lack of meat consumption during Lent, so it was desired to eat a lot of this delicacy before the obligatory parenthesis, to than to carry Lent better.

What are the typical dishes of this festival?

In Spain, gastronomy in carnival has prevailed over time and we still continue to consume many typical dishes of this party.

In the Canary Islands, many of these recipes are also maintained and right now it is time to get down to it.

Carnival pancakes or pumpkin pancakes? It is true that this typical dish of these dates has been implanted in our gastronomy that we consume it throughout the year.

It is a sweet made from eggs, sugar, flour, milk, lemon and anise that is fried in olive oil. Subsequently, honey and cinnamon are added so that they gain a very particular sweet taste, which accompanies us on days of music, parades and dance.

Do you dare to prepare them?

Today we are going to keep all those sweet recipes that talk about carnival, fritters, mole eggs, rice pudding, almonds, honey soup… and that forgotten dessert like #SopaIngenio, almost extinct in our days that it was an essential dessert at the end of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th, especially here, Gran Canaria, and in Fuerteventura. It is a recipe that has clear influences from those Canarian emigrants who returned home with the knowledge acquired in those distant lands of Cuba and Venezuela.

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Prepare your costume! The countdown is now!

Happy Carnival 2023