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SICKMEN, a new band from Lanzarote

SICKMEN, a new band from Lanzarote

SICKMEN is a Lanzarote ROCK band formed at the end of 2019. It goes without saying what has happened in this lapse of time and how the project was conditioned at the beginning by what has happened in these years… ”AND NO, the name It has nothing to do with the damned pandemic”, they tell us.

The band is made up of LUCA, guitar and vocals, ÓSCAR on bass and FRANCIS on drums, the link between Óscar, who had coincided with both Luca and Francis in other formations.

Defining the sound of the band is risky, since each of the members comes from different styles and with various influences, but also with coincidences that they discover while working in the rehearsal room. The initial and most important goal is to have fun with what they do and get people to have fun with them and their music as well.

Although in a first listen we get the sounds of the 90’s of Grunche or hints of the voice of Joy Division…

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After the arrival of “normality” they started to compose and work on new songs, resulting in their first Demo, “USERA SESSIONS“, recorded in October 2022 at the La Nota studio in Madrid.