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The canary Hannibal the Magician has turned illusionism into his profession

The canary Hannibal the Magician has turned illusionism into his profession

Aníbal Rodríguez Quintana has known the world of illusionism for more than 15 years. It started as a hobby.

But, to this day, he has created shows that have taken place in halls and theaters throughout the island of Gran Canaria, within the Gran Canaria Performing Arts Circuit. He has also been able to show his work at different island festivals.

Almost all of his training has been self-taught (he has also received courses and attended conferences), not only in relation to magic but also in other branches, such as juggling, clown, improvisation, puppets, theater.

Since the year 2000 he has worked with boys and girls and also with young people from non-formal education almost without interruption.

Participation and fun prevail in their shows, without forgetting that astonishment must be present in each game, their specialty being children’s and family magic. Since 2015 it has belonged to the Círculo Mágico Gran Canario.

Among his shows are:

The journey of Don Garabato (magic and `poetry)

Magiando cuentos (magic and oral narration)

One and a Half (magic and clown)

He works in different fields; in private parties, educational centers, public events and festivals.

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It has recently started with a new project around hiking (Ísula Natura), where there will be a part in which the performing arts will be shown in nature.

 Aníbal Mago invites us to discover the magic of a smile in each of his shows.

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