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EL TALLER (The Workshop) Self-managed social premises in La Isleta

EL TALLER (The Workshop) Self-managed social premises in La Isleta

El Taller (The Workshop) was born with the intention of helping migrants living on the streets and generating community with the residents of the neighborhood. In the summer of 2021, he began his journey by conditioning an old naval electricity workshop closed for several years on Anzofé street in the capital’s La Isleta neighborhood. In October of that same year, it opened its doors with the first events aimed at raising money for the maintenance of the space and carrying out socio-legal support for migrants (payment of fees, passports, transportation…)

At El Taller we oppose the criminalization of migration and any border policy that causes death and suffering to people on the move.

We denounce that these policies have generated thousands of deaths in our waters and we refuse to accept that the Canary Islands function, in practice, as an open-air prison in which people’s right to a dignified life and mobility is denied. that migrate

 We also emphasize that the situation of minors who, when they reach the age of 18, are expelled from the centers is especially serious, leaving them on the streets and many of them in an irregular administrative situation. We also denounce the border that generates the bureaucratic repression of the administration, which on many occasions imposes obstacles to access the registration and prevents them from leaving the Islands, generating a reality of confinement and suffering in the lives of these young people.

During his year and little of life in El Taller, different proposals of a sociocultural nature have been carried out, such as workshops of different disciplines, talks, projections, concerts, soup kitchens… with the intention of offering an alternative to the activity institutional and generate a community at street level in a space open by the neighborhood and for the neighborhood.

It is defined as a space free of racism, fascism, sexism, machismo, LGTBIQ+ Phobia, speciesism and religion.

+ Info:

  • Instagram: @eltallerlaisleta
  • Adress: El Taller La Isleta, C/ Anzofé nº 43, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria