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LUNÁTICO 22 is the most eclectic alter ego of César Pérez Cabrera

LUNÁTICO 22 is the most eclectic alter ego of César Pérez Cabrera

Round Around is a work that is born from the vice of producing (improvised) songs for an afternoon and wrapping them up a bit. It was the therapy of César Pérez Cabrera, a member of the La Palma band Ojalá Muchá, during the pandemic, to challenge the muses and dive between old and new ideas, to collaborate online and find other musicians under their skin.

It starts with “The World is my home” a vital song composed on Chiang Ray’s journey to Luang Praban on the Mekong River during his cathartic trip in 2016 and reproduced during the pandemic. On the trip itself he recorded it with his cell phone, in the version of the YouTube video there is the moment of creation and in the model he made afterwards in the hotel room.

The second song “Looking glass” is a guitar line created at the institute during an activity with the students, the vocal melody is an improvisation on a randomly chosen poem by Paul Auster, César tells us.

He was helped in this production by a spectacular list of collaborating musicians who contributed incredible things such as Alberto and Reinaldo from the Gumbo Blues Band, Brigitte Sosa, Jose Carlos Cejudo, Omar de Castro, and of course Eduardo Villamil’s drums.

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The recording and production have been done by César Pérez with mixes by Pablo Quintana and Master Jorge Lozano.

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