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Keroxen returns to slap us FURIOUSLY. A digital single titled “Metahackeo”

Keroxen returns to slap us FURIOUSLY. A digital single titled “Metahackeo”

A Keroxen-labeled digital single titled “Metahackeo” will be released on May 6th. It’s a collaboration with Elinor Almenara from the group VVV [Tripping You], a young band that the brothers really like.

The cover is by Nacho López from the band Margarita Quebrada, another group from the Valencian scene that they follow.

The song is a somewhat dark synth pop that tells the story of two individuals who hack the metaverse to interact again outside the limits of that virtual construction, feeling alive and free again, returning to what is palpable and warm. It is a loose single, it is not a preview of any EP or LP.

As the band usually does lately, they record in their respective homes, each one their part (Noé in Tenerife, Mariano Gracia on bass in his studio in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Jair in his room), then mixed/produced by Jair. Mastered by Carlos Koschitzky.

It will be the prelude to a brief tour that they will carry out on the peninsula for May and June 2022, with dates in Seville (12/5), Madrid (13/5), Barcelona (20/5) or Zaragoza (21/5), among others. .

Behind Pumuky hide the brothers Jaír and Noé Ramírez, originally from Icod de los Vinos, a small town in the north of Tenerife.

Despite an eventful journey with multiple line-up changes, they have released 8 record references on labels such as Jabalina, WeAreWolves or Keroxen. In turn, they accumulate a long history of concerts in Europe and Latin America, with a presence in important forums such as the Primavera Sound festivals or NRMAL (in its editions in Mexico City and Monterrey).

Outstanding music media such as Rockdelux, Radio 3 or REMEZCLA have blessed his proposal, his albums being included in many annual referendums.

His latest work is an EP entitled “Castillo Interior”, selected by BANDCAMP in its section of international highlights “New & Notable”, and featured a series of remixes by artists such as Jimmy Tamborello (Dntel, The Postal Service ), Xiu Xiu or We Are The Heritage. Rare avis, with difficulty to fit in labels and scenes, Pumuky wrote songs as if they were doing escapism tricks.

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