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The Canarian sauce is called #MojoPicón

The Canarian sauce is called #MojoPicón

Throughout my life I have seen mojos made in a thousand different ways and I have tried thousands of others, each and every one different. If it is like in my house, my mother has her recipes and my aunts others, although I have inherited them, they do not turn out the same for me.

Our identity lies in the culture and mix of traditions, that the people from here and there have been contributing one more grain to the original recipes.

“A good mojo picón, faithful companion of the typical table, is definitely a red mojo made with a male vinegar and to which picona peppers have been added with or without the seeds. The varieties do not obey anything other than going hand in hand in one of the ingredients, or, in other cases, not to put any”.

We are going to try to learn more about the history behind our mojo recipes… which are the most popular, the red or green mojo, but you cannot imagine how many mojos with history we have.

The great variety and popularity of recipes is due to its simple preparation, regardless of its peculiar and endearing flavor.

As a result of all this there are several stories from where the heritage of the mojos comes from, some dare to assure that the origin of the word comes from the Portuguese “molho”, which translated into Spanish means sauce. It is true that in the islands of La Palma or in Tenerife the Portuguese had a lot of influence, so the story goes.

In spite of everything, it seems unlikely, but the Canarians already knew the mojo as we understand it today, it could be possible that it came from the hand of the settlers and that it comes from the verb “mojar”. The reality is that in Castile any sauce for stews is designated by the same name, “moje” or “mojete” in Aragon or Murcia.

Just like other Canarian recipes, it is influenced by other cultures such as the Venezuelan, Cuban, Mexican or vice versa, these countries have Canarian heritage in their cultures.

The delicious sauces of the Canary Islands are called Mojo picón, in this month we celebrate it with our day, May 30.

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