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November magazine and number 100!

November magazine and number 100!

With a cover made by the artista Fares Micue, conceptual photogropher, we support the fight on violence against women in our november magazine.

This day is celebrated as a herald of the feminist fight, it has a background that must be explained.

Sisters Mirabal: Patria, Miverva and María Teresa, were three political activists from the Dominican Republic. At the end of 1950 after the triumph of the protests against the dictatorship of some of the latinoamerican countries – they founded the “grupo revolucionario de extrema izquierda” the 14th of June. This political group acted against the dictator Rafael Leónidas Trujillo, president of the Dominican Republic during 1930 until 1961.

Due to their activism, the three sisters were tortured and imprisoned many times and, finally, on the 25th of November of 1960 they were kidnapped and hurt under the orders of Trujillo. The murder of these three sisters started an endless of protests in the country and they became a latinoamerican symbol of the fight on violence against women.

Informally, explained by the UN, the origins of this day dates back 1981, when militants and activists who supported rights for women in protests to empower the memory of Mirabal sisters.

However, it wans’t until the 2000 when the UN made the 25 of November the oficial International Day of the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

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