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A banana per day… at least

A banana per day… at least

Now, more than ever, we have to support the primary sector of bananas in the Canary Islands, that’s why I wrote this article, which focused not only on our beloved island of Gran Canary, but also on our buds from La Palma.

We are with you!

A banana per day not only helps them but a whole food chain which rotates around a sector, ourselves and our health.

Did you know that consuming bananas avoids cancer, helps to regulate anemic disorders, it’s full of antioxidants, it prevents heart illnesses, it has anti inflammatory skills and they are used by professional athletes.

It is just like a shot of sudden energy and extra potassium addition when you sweat after a day of sports, that’s why it is commonly used by athletes after a huge effort, including the correct hydration.

There are many reasons why to consume bananas, don’t you think?

But I’ll tell you something you may keep in mind

Bananas are part of our history, they were brought by portugueses from the southeast of Asia, concretely from Equatorial Guinea.

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Since 1526 this fruit was settled down in Europe, but it was brought many years before. During these years historical files from the navy told the stories of how they loaded green bananas on the boats to feed the crew during the long trips to America, this food started to raise the interest of the English ships which docked in our islands. The English sailors during 1880 started to consider cultivating them and exporting them back to their country. This commercial traffic was so important that London set up a zone called the Canary Wharf.

Nowadays this fruit is cultivated in more than 9000 hectares around the Canary Islands, with a regular production of 380 millions of kg.

Now this fruit is part of our history, a part of our economy, a part of our culture…they need us more than ever, let’s try to eat at least one per day and let’s help the sector, its people and ourselves.