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Fares Micue, power of color

Fares Micue, power of color

Fares Micue began in photography after discovering the technique of Fine Art or Conceptual in a web for photographers. She has been the whole her life in love with art, she fantasies to become an actress. She was amazed about transforming herself into new characters trying to help other people, on the other hand, this is something that she continues making nowadays with photography.

Fares transforms herself into different characters in each picture she made, sharing many messages and experiences. All these pieces of art reflect regular experiences of our daily lives which may be unnoticeable for our eyes.

During 2010 she bought her first camera and she started to explore any way of the art of photography, and finally she decided to professionalise the self-portrait technique primordially due accessibility and convenience.

In her beginnings the pictures were portraits without a face with no coherence or a defined style. She only tried to capture the essence and emotions of cinema.

During 2012 and 2016 after many events she changed her way of thinking and noticing reality, she started a trip of self-discovering that led her into a conscious state of mind, energy and wills included. She asked herself questions that were never asked before, little by little she was knowing herself a little better. 

From these new experiences she decided to focus her photography as a tool to capture that change and to share lessons she was learning through this process.

She uses poems and short tales written by her to complete her conceptual pictures with deep messages.

Her own work always makes you think and concerns people about the physical health, our well-being and the energy which surrounds us. It can influence the way we can know our capacities and limits.

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That’s why self-esteem, empowerment, conscience, love or hope are the main topics of her art.

In her work she incorporates power of color or the therapy of color to transmit in each work a representation of a concrete energy or feeling, creating a sensorial map through each photography which leads our feelings.

She takes care of each element and colors included in the final result, using simple backgrounds to avoid unneeded distractions in order to prevail a clean, balanced, gentil and dynamic composition. She tries to serve a rich picture on conceptual and visual fields.