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Second E.P. from the Canary band Ron Voodoo

Second E.P. from the Canary band Ron Voodoo

The last 4th of september the second EP of the Canary Band Ron Voodoo was released.

They chose Canary Rockers to present this new album, a vintage and rock temple where many fans, relatives and friends met up to get their own signed album, sharing stories and future projects. The 17th of the same month they celebrated the same evento in the shop Regreso al Pasado.

In this new EP the band released 6 compositions recorded by Ramón García Tubio in Estudios Baraka and mixed and mastered in London in The Mixing Factory by Santy Arribas.

A second work full of easter eggs related to the times we are living where Yaco Rubio and Zack Monzón on guitars, Yeray Rodríguez at drums and percussion, Miguel Izquierdo on keyboards, Javier González on bass guitar and the unique voice of Juanma Rodríguez, reveals their good taste on music and their musical quality.

This band is formed by many members of the band Krull, the mythic and historical hard-rock canary band.

They are at their highest point of creativity, maturity and taking care of any detail of every song, a product of their huge experience in the music industry.

This new album features the graphic design of Rubén Hernández.

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Long live to rock and their creators.