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Five stories, five musical hugs written in different times and years. Times of personal growing.

“TANTA VIDA ” is the third EP from Dácil Santana, a EP of 5 songs which puts together life and personal growing out of the conventional. Dácil compounds her own music and she performs it, she even manages her own videoclips.

Produced by Luis Ferre and Roberto Guedes (APOLO GC), the EP mixes actual pop sounds where the personal touch of Dácil is added in every composition. You may also find some details of latín and Funky sounds, classic pop-rock and deep ballads.

“TANTA VIDA”, is a present from the beginning to the end of the album:

1. Quién lo diría: A modern latin pop with a sticky melody borned under a deep nostalgic feeling tangled to our skins due past memories and stories. It talks about what It was but it will never be again.. 

2. Me rindo: With a classic spanish pop rock inuendo is energetic and really sticky. A story of inner fighting and feelings. Sometimes it is quite hard to let it be, to forget and to surrender against the person you love. This song expresses all these deep feelings.

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3. Temblando: The song loudly arrives in the middle of the EP. A brilliant love song which will touch you. An open scar, dressed with a particular production which converts it into an intimate jewel where the singer shows her epic, humble and personal side. 

4. La huida: A reggaeton mixed with a gentle bossa nova, fresh to enjoy summer. Lifeful and self-loved.

5. No te pediré que vuelvas: This pop song with details of funk talks about how complicated it is to accept situations we don’t want. That moment when you must accept something that ended. “TANTA VIDA, are two words which are related to the experiences of the singer: “Everything started when I moved out to Madrid, life always flows its own path, but it’s always surprising to be on those sides, it was for me one of the most difficult and intense experiences of my life. A process of personal introspection, to find and to know oneselfs. Each piece of this learning process was sculpted in 5 stories, 5 musical hugs written on different times and years” Dácil Santana.