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Natalia Machín brings us her “Cachitos Prestados”

Natalia Machín brings us her “Cachitos Prestados”

After an obligatory stop due the lockdown in the middle of the presentation tour of the album “Cachitos Prestados”, Natalia Machín gets back to the rodeo with an extra motivation earned by her award on Los Premios Canarios de la Música 2021.

In this discographic production under the label of RG Music, produced and fixed by José Quintana González, the artist in the middle of her interpretative self-growth process gives us a huge gift.

It reflects what she’s able to do with her characteristic interpretation and her charismatic voice, which make her different and personal. In this sounding jigsaw she trashed any time of her recent life in compositions, adapted and fixed where her personality and sweetness, emotion and strength play their characters.

In this work you can notice how she expresses a part of the last moments of her life. 

PROLOGO C.D. Cachitos prestados

“In my parents bedroom there was a cable that came from the roof and ended in the bed headboard with a microphone-shape switch. I took all my mother’s makeup, I took an old cloth and put on my head with two pins so I could seem like I had a huge mane. On that bed, my stage, with the switch cable and my non-wired microphone, I began to perform my show after my mother arrived home… That was when I was 4 or 5 years old” 

When she was a girl, Natalia performed during their friend’s birthdays, when she got older she was the main producer of Graduation Parties where she performed her own shows, she also took a risk to celebrate and coordinate the Carnivals of her own village, Montaña Cardones. From that point she started a long career of exits as a polivalent artista, as a performer and as a musician. 

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It can not be denied Natalia was led to be an artist. She got burned and was surrounded by music.

She has always listened to her mother sing, in her house and most of her friends always had a guitar to play. The songs her mother used to sing to her became their own songs in the end.

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