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Women in the Wilderness

Women in the Wilderness

This month we are going to change something in this section of the magazine. We are not going to talk about the artista, we’ll talk about “Women in the Wilderness” an artistic project led by women from the “old west”

This project is set on 3 pillars, mustangs (horses from the north american lands which currently are in danger of extinction), a trip in flocks on these horses in those lands where they live and a documentary of this adventure.

The project tries to inform about the actual crisis which these animals are suffering and how to overcome walls of any type, focused on young women.

The team of “Women in the Wilderness’ ‘ is composed by Katherine Boucher, director of a ranch in Wyoming and horse lover; Caroline Heer, artist; Louisa Behnke, a educator specialised in environmental politics and more cinema professionals, documentaries…

“Women in the Wilderness” is an example of how art is present everyday of our lives and how it can be used as a tool to spread messages like this, about a theme from the Old West.

Would you like to enjoy the live project “Women in the Wilderness” ?

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