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Tony & The Jumpers shows Coffee Break, rockabilly without sugar

Tony & The Jumpers shows Coffee Break, rockabilly without sugar

…If you take some blues, tons of country, a sip of vodka and you mix it hard trying to make 50’s rock and roll, you’ll obtain Tony & The Jumpers.

Tony & The Jumpers is rockabilly unadulterated. A traditional sound in a trio format led by Antonio Manzanares, a veteran, who has been playing for decades in the Bar Riders, he founded the first Festival 50 ́s Rock and Roll Vulcan Rockers.

At drums and acoustic guitar Ivan Saugar, a well-known musician in the rock and roll scene due his tattoo studio and for being a member of the Bar Riders of The Hill Rockets.

And the youngest and energetic from the band, Fabio Gianelli. Double Bass and collaborator in many groups like Brave Missy the Cavaliers, The Hill Rockets or Sunsets Cats. 

Tony & The Jumpers put together 3 marvellous musicians who release their best in what they do; noisy rockabilly.


Fabio, Ivan and Tony have been playing around bars of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria but it was during the lockdown when they decided to RECORD and to get into the studio of José Luis Gómez “Discan”.

An old-fashioned analogic studio which conserves many artifacts with valves. In the 60’s this studio was full of southamerican musicians who performed salsa, They have brought to life this studio. Their own coffee addiction named their first album “Coffee Break”, decorating the songs with a lap Steel on a hillbilly style. Except the song “Cool Cat” each song has been played live with their lyrics and music during 2021

Band Members:

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Antonio Manzanares main voice, lead guitar and lap Steel in “Coffee Break”

Fabio Gianelli, double bass

Ivan Saugar drums and acoustic guitar in “I love you so”.