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Metal Oxide (Óxido Metal), welding as art.

Metal Oxide (Óxido Metal), welding as art.

César Macias has been welding since he was 17, he found his vocation when he was only 14 when he discovered a relative welding in the garage. He realised welding and creating were a combination which awaked his inner artistic passion.

He finished his Secondary School studies and he studied and achieved Welding and Boilermaking.

Since then, he hasn’t stopped working in this particular and artistic job.

In 2019 he decided to launch his own brand and project OXIDO METAL, where he creates different objects with a modern touch but no losing the roots of the profession. 

He works mixing many different materials, mixing metals with wood and making crazy, impossible objects, but at the same time his own creations have their own nature, their own life.

In the social networks he’s always enjoying telling how he creates marvellous different objects completely out of any current trend.

He made a life of this job, he makes money solely from welding.

Another skill he has is renting furniture for decoration of any type of events, films set, exhibitions…etc.

You can also meet him in different markets which have been celebrated in Gran Canaria. 

Enjoy his iron world on Instagram  @oxidometal2020