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Viagem is the first album by the union of Alba Serrano and Cristobal Montesdeoca

Viagem is the first album by the union of Alba Serrano and Cristobal Montesdeoca

Although their musical career took them both to Barcelona, ​​it was not until 2021 and in Gran Canaria, where they met.

They immediately understood that together they were a perfect musical tandem and that they were looking for the same things on stage: passion and emotion.

For this reason, they decided to start this project together to be able to flow with the music and merge jazz with all the styles that they have nurtured throughout our careers.

Their first joint album, “Viagem”, was recorded at Estudio Uno (Madrid), presenting it last month at the Teatro Guiniguada.

It is an extraordinary journey through the influence of Portuguese music in other countries and other styles. The trip begins in Portugal, continues through our wonderful Canary Islands, passing through Cape Verde, to finally land in Brazil.

“A guitar heart would like to sing what I feel”.

Music has been, is and will be a communication bridge between regions capable of connecting our past with the present. In this way, since the dawn of the human being, this language has allowed travel without having to leave; it has allowed us to remember and preserve and, above all, it has allowed us to speak; speak from the heart The Canary Islands are well known for being a land of passage and, with it, a place of convergence of different cultures and samples of it.

The history of the Archipelago has been marked by the trip and the farewell, with it, the goodbye; the memory and the hope of returning… Our magua has moved us and has accompanied us, it has said goodbye to “brave men on the big dock”; it has helped us build a genre… Aires de Lima. Its most accepted origin is linked to Portugal as Carlos Cano said: “Oh, María the Portuguese, fado because I’m missing your eyes!” The lyrics of these songs are melancholic and moving, just like the Aires de Lima, they knew how to capture the essence of goodbye in the departure, but with the hope that we will see each other again”.

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Today, the journey begins here, in the Canary Islands, but in his singing are the voices of those who are no longer there. His memory has been embodied in this music and, with it, his memory is more alive than ever. Today the bridges that, like the Canary Islands, make it possible to abolish the borders imposed from the purest individual egoism, have a special meaning. Through music, the migrant finds a space for sincere communication where language is universal: feeling.

The Canary Islands were transformed from a European perspective, but with adaptations and variants that shaped the Canarian culture.

This redefinition has allowed the canary the other to be a “me in another land”, as the Canarian poet Yeray Rodríguez says: “perhaps we do not learn because of this meager memory, which usually keeps the good and the bad, it is forgotten”.

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