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CIRCE SANTANA, actress and business woman.

CIRCE SANTANA, actress and business woman.

Since Circe Santana borned, she’s been related to the show business and production industry.

Although she studied in the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, graduated in the speciality of Economic Science, her true passion has always been music and theatre as well as events coordination.

She combines her own business world in Camino Viejo Producciones alongside with her own interpretation in many of the events of the company. Her mother Nati Santana company’s director, has been working on cultural events productions, which means Circe spent all her childhood around this world. She got older and she started to make the events and to take part as the cast, as an actress or as a singer.

Mother and daughter work together in the coordination and management of the company which represents plenty of artists and projects who are touring the Canary Islands.

About “Pulgarcita”:

Pulgarcita is a magic character. Iit has her own characteristics like kindness and bravery…  is a clear example of an empowered woman. She arrives to Cuentópolis without knowing “what it is” having a good reception from their inhabitants due her way of being.Finally she ended saving the day after a big calamity, discovering a little secret to save the Nature.

This show will be performed from the 21st of November in Teatro Guiniguada.

The Company:

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Camino Viejo is a familiar company, maybe that’s the best way of describing it and to notice where they are now. The vision of their activity and their own nature made them produce with a special kindness on everything they do. With a consensual decision every time. They are sure of how the final product is going to look like “they work from love, respect, love and most of all, humbleness and will. If you follow those values… You have a match!”, Cirse told us.

After many years, she would like to stay coordinating and managing the company and to continue creating dreams to share to the public which always enter their shows.

She wants to learn everything about production, interpretation and keep… LIVING.