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August, try to find a shadow!

August, try to find a shadow!

I already visualize you, on the beach, freshly dressed, with flip flops, smelling of suntan cream, full of sand looking for a terrace to have breakfast, lunch, dinner… or just to have a few beers. This is what the word August means to me, a month to enjoy.

Now we are going to make a list of essential experiences/products for this month, first we are going to talk about those summer days when you wake up too late for breakfast, but too early for lunch. The proposal is simple: a good brunch.

Another plan is to enjoy a sunset in Las Canteras, which is a great plan. Get yourself a towel, some beers and some pizzas, take advantage of the fact that right now in the area we have a wide range of places that make good pizzas.

Another idea that I am definitely going to do is a picnic at dusk on the beaches of the Mogán coast or in the mountains, on the slopes of Roque Nublo for example.

Above all, this August do everything you like, jump, dance and laugh… because summer is for it, yes, don’t forget to bet on ours; generate economy, buy local products, consume in establishments… and stop to think.

Consume local produce because we are in season for good little fish, limpets, shrimp… from the sea, but also a lot of fruit.

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From the land, watermelon, melon, stone fruit (apricots, peaches, Paraguayans), pears, figs, raspberries and grapes (more to make wine than to eat, but something always reaches our markets) and don’t forget, the beets, pumpkins…

For me, something that is never lacking on these hot days is a plate of prickly pears (prickly pear, nopal), peeled or unpeeled, depending on taste. I like that they are already peeled, so fresh and on a plate, I put a little gofio and I dip it. Pleasures of our land and of the season.

Happy August, you know if you want to tell me gastronomic things, don’t hesitate…