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The young Canarian illustrator Armando Arencibia, a classic artist

The young Canarian illustrator Armando Arencibia, a classic artist

Armando Arencibia, an illustrator from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, is a graduate in Fine Arts (2016) from the University of Barcelona and has completed the Animation CFGS at the School of Art and Superior Design of Gran Canaria (2022).

His lines and drawings have nothing to envy the greats of comics and world drawing.

When approaching his work, he has various sources of inspiration, such as classic cinema, science fiction, literature, music and rock and roll, as well as Canarian history.

His main influences are Peter Bagge, Robert Crumb, Carlos Giménez, Albert Uderzo, Moebius and the cartoon style of Fleischer Studios, creators of the Betty Boop and Popeye shorts. In short, the classics are his influences and it shows in his strokes.

In his professional career he has collaborated with the social and cultural association Tribarte, as a graphic creative and illustrator, making visual elements for the Ojos Grises Project, an intergenerational project in which the life stories of the elderly in neighborhoods of Gran Canaria are rescued. . In this association, he contributed work in media such as comics and illustration for educational purposes, with the aim of representing the life of yesteryear in the neighborhoods of La Isleta and La Atalaya.

Likewise, he has also regularly collaborated with the Hestia Association, in the project Padres y Madres sin Barreras.

In addition, he is dedicated to his own projects, such as “El Traje Blanco”, an illustrated children’s album about the desires and frustrations of the thousands of Canarians who migrated to Cuba at the beginning of the 20th century, embodied in the figure of the protagonist, a boy from Fontanales called Pepito Rivero (actually a matter of his own great-grandfather).

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