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Imagen Sagrada (1987) and El Cuarto de los Huéspedes (1989)

Imagen Sagrada (1987) and El Cuarto de los Huéspedes (1989)

Two albums from independence to eternity.

Two cult pieces that bring together the bands of Gran Canaria: Imagen Sagrada (twice), III República, Los Gallos and Los Dalton.

A few years ago, Los 80 Pasan Factura acquired 100 copies of the original vinyl from Imagen Sagrada, and another 100 from the compilation El Cuarto de Los Huéspedes. This same month of July puts it into circulation with some additions. In the case of Imagen Sagrada’s album, it is accompanied by a poster, a postcard and a 24-page fanzine telling the story of the recording. and editing of the album by Alejandro Ramos as executive producer. Annotations and lyrics by Javi Viera, the group’s drummer, are also included. El Cuarto de Los Huéspedes, apart from the vinyl and original insert with the lyrics, a 32-page fanzine and 4 postcards, one from each band, have been added.

Without a doubt, Alejandro Ramos’ recording adventure met a need of the moment and established himself as a label with some editions of other artists under the name of RM.

Records that had audiovisual support or video clips that had the laminated BSO, but in both cases, excellent works that are an important part of the history of modern music on the islands at that time, and today pieces of great value. cultural and aesthetic.

These two recordings bring together a good handful of songs from each band that, all different, adopted and represented an aesthetic discourse, and even ethical in some of them, very much in keeping with the different movements that followed one another: post-punk, psychobilly, and a groundbreaking vision and review of Anglo rock, in favor of a wide range of fusions.

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For the new graphic material added, photographs by Estrella Muti and Nacho González Oramas have been used.

We were lucky that these albums were released, and that now we can recover them again, more than 30 years later, through the website of Los 80 Pasan Factura and Merkanarias.