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Asociación Mujeres, Solidaridad y Cooperación 

Asociación Mujeres, Solidaridad y Cooperación 

We are a feminist NGO with extensive experience in managing resources and social services for the area of ​​women.

Our activity dates back to 1984, and our work includes information and advice centres, supervised flats, as well as the implementation of actions to raise awareness and denounce the discrimination suffered by women in society, with special emphasis on prevention and eradication of sexist violence. Currently, we have a presence on the islands of Tenerife and Gran Canaria.


Promote and encourage effective equality of opportunities, as well as eliminate the discrimination suffered by women in all dimensions of public and private life.

• Develop all those activities aimed at the care and assistance of women victims of gender violence and/or in a situation of social vulnerability and their daughters and sons, with special attention to those women and/or families that belong to social groups at risk. of social exclusion, migrants, ethnic minorities, etc.

• Promote and participate in demanding actions related to equality between women and men, as well as rejection of any form of violence against women.

• Make visible any discriminatory attitude and/or behavior towards women, demanding that the public authorities ensure their comprehensive protection and facilitate the participation and presence of women in the spheres of public life.

• Urge public administrations to carry out the necessary measures in order to enforce current legislation on equal opportunities for women and men.

• Promote cooperation for development at the national and international levels.

A little bit of background…

Asociación Mujeres, Solidaridad y Cooperación was established in November 1994 by the technical teams and volunteer staff who had worked in the Women’s area within the Democratic Solidarity Foundation since 1984.

In 1984 the Solidarity Association with Single Mothers was established, which was quickly established as an effective instrument to help this large group at that time. The activity carried out consisted of informing women of their rights and those of their children in health, work, housing, social services, etc., in addition to working on the recovery of the self-esteem of single mothers and in campaigns of social awareness against the discrimination they suffered.

In 1985, the activity was expanded with the start-up of the first Women’s Information Center in the Canary Islands, in the city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, with volunteer personnel, subsequently being subsidized by the Autonomous Government. In the following years, the Information Centers of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Santa Cruz de La Palma, the “Sheltered Flats Program for Single Mothers” in Tenerife and Las Palmas, the Information and Help Service in the neighborhood of Añaza (Tenerife), training programs would be developed with women from these three islands and the creation of women’s cooperatives would be promoted.

In 1994, the Democratic Solidarity Foundation ceased its activity throughout Spain, and the Women, Solidarity and Cooperation Association was established in the Canary Islands, which had a regional scope until 2002, the year in which it became state-wide.

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In recent years, Asociación Mujeres, Solidaridad y Cooperación has had a continuous presence in services and resources in the area of ​​women, as well as in the demand, start-up and management of new resources for women in the Canary Islands, such as: flats protected for women in situations of social exclusion and gender violence; specialized care offices for women in situations of gender violence, victims of sexual assault and/or immigrants; specific projects to improve the employability of women; psychoeducational care with minors in situations of gender violence; program to promote women’s associations; prevention programs and social awareness, etc.

Awards and honors

• Honorary Distinction Awards of the Canary Institute for Women 2001

• Rosa Manzano Award 2012

• Roque Nublo Awards of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria 2021

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