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La Brújula Ocio y Cultura celebrates its tenth anniversary with theexhibition: 10 Years Losing you with La Brújula.

La Brújula Ocio y Cultura celebrates its tenth anniversary with the
exhibition: 10 Years Losing you with La Brújula.

With the magazine number 106, June 2022, the global communication platform La Brújula goes into celebration mode,

They have been supporting, in different ways, the business sector and Canarian artists for a decade, it is their main objective. Also producing and executing events that go in this direction, such as the International Big Bang Vintage Festival, which celebrates 5 editions this year 2022, from October 6 to 12.
They were born in the previous crisis and they earned their affection by taking the Festival 1Kg of Solidarity. The beginnings were very hard, knocking on the cold door of each organization, companies from all over Gran Canaria, you
know, every self-respecting project begins in the same way, they like to make things difficult for them.
In these 10 years, they have seen everything, the rise and fall of many businesses, of different projects, but what they really stay with is that each client ends up being their friend.

This is their great asset, they want to always be by your side, close, help you, help us on this difficult but rewarding path.
Is it a luxury or not to work in what you like?
They want, desire and will fight to continue another 10 years, they love to offer you the news and events interesting
cultural events so you can take advantage of your free time.

They will continue to offer you wonderful covers by Canarian artists, super interesting articles by our collaborators, projects that promote our island or its people and, above all, companies that work to make our lives easier in some way.
If you follow them on their web platform and social networks, you will be supporting local businesses, Km0 products and to artists of any discipline in the Canary Islands. Without you, the public that consumes responsibly are nobody, our
work would fall on deaf ears.

For all this, you are invited, on Thursday, July 7, to the opening of the Exhibition with some of the covers of these 10 years. They won’t all be there, but they will all be wonderful… Thanks to the artists who have donated their work for the Expo. They will be put up for sale and all proceeds will go entirely to an ONG (

Exhibition “10 Años Perdiéndote con La Brújula”
Inaguration 7th of July – 8.30 pm
Biblioteca Insular de Gran Canaria. Cabildo de Gran Canaria
C/ Remedios 7
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Opened until the 27th of July 2022

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