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At the beginning of February 2021, Represión 24 Horas entered the “Goat Studios” studios in Agüimes (Gran Canaria) for the recording of the band’s 6th album, “Horrores del Nuevo Mundo” vinyl record and CD of 11 songs.

They recorded it in the midst of a pandemic and with curfew, where they hardly had time, since around 10 at night they had to be home. For them it’s a very special album because they recorded it with Conny Melefas and Rafa Pérez, true professionals who gave the album that touch they were looking for. It took three months to record it and you can find political and social issues, against abuse, the right to life, the right to have a decent life, etc…

“Horrores del Nuevo Mundo” is an album that speaks above all of the miseries that humanity in the XXI century continues to create the same horrors as centuries ago; greed, prejudice, lack of humanity, etc…

On this album they had the collaboration of Billy Messiah, a singer who has been in well-known Norwegian bands such as Mayhem, Order, Cockroach Clan. He put his voice on “Hazlo Tú Mismo”, a song they recorded in 2015 in an EP called “Suena a Silencio”. Paco Vega also intervenes on violins in the introduction to the album.

This album is co-edited by:

The 80s Pass Bill, Merkanarias, Black Flags, Producciones Dorras,, ¿Ke Futuro?, La Madriguera and Collector Series DIY.

Currently the band is made up of Mejikano on guitar and vocals, Ardiel on bass and vocals, Dani on guitar and backing vocals, and Markitos on drums.


Bienvenidos a la Democracia (maketa 1996)

Dormidos en los Brazos del Capitalismo (cd 2007)

15 Años de Rabia ( cd + dvd 2012)

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