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SAHUN CERAMICS, love is in the smallest details

SAHUN CERAMICS, love is in the smallest details

Andrea is responsible for the Sahun Ceramics artisan project. He explains how and why he began to work with ceramics:

“From a very young age, my mother instilled in me everything related to art and crafts. Thanks to her I was able to develop my creativity and she gave me all the support.

This passion for manual arts motivated me to study Object Design at the University of Bath, England, where I specialized in ceramics and wood.

The idea of ​​creating a business around ceramics was always dormant in my head. I fantasized about opening a coffee shop where customers could drink coffee while they painted or built their own ceramic piece and by chance I found one and started visiting it.

All pieces are made with basic ceramic techniques. The one I usually use the most is the Pinch, which consists of creating a ball of clay and giving it a circular shape until the desired piece is obtained, like a cup to which its respective handle would later be attached.

The Iron technique is another one that I use, it also starts from a flat clay surface, which is given shape and joining various pieces. This is ideal for making plates, trays, etc.

And finally, the Churros technique, which is used to adhere to the pieces formed with the two previous techniques and other smaller ones, such as the handle of a cup.

The life of the craftsman is complicated because not everyone knows how to appreciate what is made by hand. We live in a world in which all objects tend to be more homogeneous, pure, smooth…, and in addition, there is the boom in electronic commerce and the large marketplaces.

I consider my designs to be aesthetic and at the same time functional. I have my own studio in La Herradura, Telde, where I usually make showrooms with the pieces for sale.

I also sell online and ship worldwide.

Those who would like to kick start their creative side and get their hands dirty, I also offer different workshops.

To finish, I want to encourage all the people who are either starting to undertake or who want to take the plunge. It is true that it can be scary and there are many uncertainties, but when you do something that you really like, you do not do it for work, but as a hobby.

Do not give up, strive, be constant and above all, have fun and be happy.

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