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LA CUEVA DE SIFRE, modeling is a passion

LA CUEVA DE SIFRE, modeling is a passion

By model making is understood, in a general sense, the craft activity consisting of the creation of prototypes. Typically such patterns have been used to obtain a mold. The figure of the model artisan is disappearing, replaced by machines.

Modeling, in a more common sense, is also a hobby consisting of building and finally directing (dynamic modeling) miniature reproductions of machines, people or buildings. Originally it comes from the custom of certain artisans of past centuries, especially furniture, to build small-scale examples of their products, in order to show them to their customers without actually having to build them before receiving the order.

And in the capital of Gran Canaria, it has opened a new space for lovers of modeling, run by a passionate modeler, Sifredo Cubas.

The circumstances of life led him to abandon his previous life, which had nothing to do with commerce or modeling, and embark on this adventure that has been open for about 3 months.

It offers quality and interesting products for intermediate and advanced modelers, without neglecting all those who want to enter the world of self-made miniatures for the first time.

It is located on C/ Reyes Católicos, in the Vegueta neighborhood of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

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