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August 12 World youth day

August 12 World youth day

Every August 12th World Youth Day is celebrated.
Youth can be the positive force for development when given the knowledge and opportunities they need to thrive. In particular, young people must acquire the education and skills necessary to contribute to a productive economy; and they need access to a labor market that can absorb them into its fabric.

There are currently 1.2 billion young people between the ages of 15 and 24, 16% of the world’s population.

By 2030, the deadline for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), it is estimated that the number of young people will have increased by 7%, reaching almost 1.3 billion.

This year’s theme is Youth Engagement for Global Action, which translates into the commitment of young people as agents of action at the international level.

In 2022 we want to focus on the participation of young people at the local, national and global levels in institutions, in addition to extracting lessons on how to improve the representation and participation of young people in politics.

Enabling young people to participate in politics increases democratic equity and more sustainable strategizing, as well as restoring youth confidence in public institutions.

Young people are the engine for a society to grow and evolve. If we do not offer them hope and tools for this growth, it will be a failure and a setback for our society.

We must also give them the necessary tools so that they consume quality culture or so that they can develop it themselves. Letting them choose between being an artist or a mere spectator, of any of the arts, will make our society grow in harmony.

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Without forgetting, of course, teaching them our traditions and history, an important part for the growth of a healthy society.

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