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The Last Drop, rogue versions

The Last Drop, rogue versions

THE LAST DROP is a band that covers Spanish music from the 70s and 80s, brought to a garage/rock sound, performed forcefully, masterfully and with a rogue touch by veteran musicians from the Canarian scene.

LA ÚLTIMA GOTA is the translation of the name of this new band that breaks into the Canarian scene to make souls full of fun, pure and hard, dance and sing. His reversions of Un barco llamado Libertad by Jose Luis Perales or Por qué te vas by Jeannette, are some of the sound jewels that these four musicians have prepared for us. Juanma’s apunkarrada voice, the forcefulness of Toba’s drums and Juanjo’s accelerated guitars are instantly recognizable as being part of the history of Punk in the Canary Islands, since they come from mythical bands such as SUBRESIDUOS or PSICOSIS CRITICA.


Juan Manuel Davila (voice)
Juanjo Fernandez (guitar)
Fabio Perez (bass)
Tuff Nut (drums)

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