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Más Rock y Menos Circo the first work of the Canarian band Proyecto Bastardo

Más Rock y Menos Circo the first work of the Canarian band Proyecto Bastardo

Proyecto Bastardo is a Canarian Rock band that emerged from a meeting of friends, eager to form a band capable of creating and releasing their own songs with a background, history and messages of importance and depth. Being already, very tired of so many tribute bands and versions that do not contribute any creativity, and are only dedicated to “recycling” known songs, destroying the possibility that new bands, with creativity and desire, can make themselves known.

For all these reasons, this work entitled “Más Rock y Menos Circo” and specifically the song that gives the title to the CD, tries to show this “fashion” of tribute bands, as well as to demonstrate that interesting things can be done without making versions, or tributes, or covers, of which all the members of the band are, as mentioned before, tired of seeing, over and over again in any establishment. All this ends up destroying and marginalizing creativity (which there is and a lot of on our islands), existing within the Canarian musical environment, and specifically in the rock/metal environment.

Created in 2018 and formed by former members of two local gangs. After composing their first ten songs, Proyecto Bastardo decided to record their first album in May 2020 at the Proyectos Musicales Studios, under the supervision of Sindo García.

During that period the formation underwent some changes, currently the band has been defined with the following members:

Vocalist: Bentejui Hernandez

Guitar: Matias Hernandez

Guitar: Roberto Silva

Bassist: Orlando Sanchez

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Drums: Alfredo Batista.

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