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El Aparte Cultural Association

El Aparte Cultural Association

The Arenales neighborhood has opened a new creative space at 34 Pérez de Toro street, where the El Aparte cultural association has launched a new alternative room to promote scenic and artistic projects.

As the director of the El Aparte association, Antoni Ramos, explains, “in addition to being able to combine our own productions, this stage space is open to other companies that do not find a place in commercial theaters.”

“Our idea is to share the space as a place of creation, from different artistic styles and modalities, starting exclusively from a demand for quality, discipline and research”, Antoni Ramos describes his intentions.

The new room at El Aparte has a capacity of 50 seats and a stage box measuring 4 x 4 meters for small format performances which, as Antoni Ramos explains, “far from being considered a deficiency, is a challenge and an opportunity for intimacy for the relationship between audience and performer”.

“The The philosophy of the new room is to become a multidisciplinary space that, in addition to theatrical purposes, both for rehearsals, performances or training, allows it to be a platform for the exhibition of other artistic works and to schedule photography or painting exhibitions. With this new creative space, El Aparte seeks to consolidate the project in the capital and become a point of reference for small companies and artists, as well as a point of view for a public that is looking for new alternative proposals, outside the official lines.

The cultural association El Aparte began its journey in 2018 in the Isleta, where 12 own productions and 14 external productions were staged until the pandemic forced the closure of the premises. Due to the pandemic break and renovation of the new premises, the projects that were postponed are being resumed. But they need time to readapt to the new space.

On the other hand, they have opened registrations for theater workshops for adults, youth and children that will go from March to June to which they can register from their website.

Also on March 10, 11 and 12 the first festival with the name “The Little Freaks” Festival of Contemporary Humor is organized.

Friday March 10 – 9:00 p.m. Show: The Celestino Recital, with Alex Coelho

Saturday March 11 – From 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Talk-demonstration: Les freaks, the strangeness in the comic mask. From the sacred Clown to the Contemporary Freak. From 3 to 7 p.m. Initiation Course to Freak 21h. Show: Permanent Dystopian, with Dr. Wolf.

Sunday March 12 – From 12 pm to 4 pm Freak Initiation Course.

And more projects that are being planned
WhatsApp: 601 23 68 30
Address: C/ Pérez del Toro, nº 34 – 35004 – Las Palmas De Gran Canaria