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Eduardo Briganty. Entelequia. Sounding Landscape

Eduardo Briganty. Entelequia. Sounding Landscape

Second release, after his debut with Microgramas, for El Muelle Records, from the canary musician Eduardo Briganty. 

In this debut, Briganty showed his most visual face converting this album in a sounding tribute for his favourite cineast, in particular Tarkovsky, in Entelequia he continues with the sounding landscapes, he keeps building isolated horizonts written on previous releases.

In general, sonic coordinates of Briganty are still glued to the minimal genre he performs. From La Monte Young to Willian Basinsky, if we have to quote some of the used references of this canary musician. 

In detail, Entelequia and its song list are softly made and performed by two label friends Pepo Galán or Lee Yi (“Esperanza”, “Remanso” and “En un lugar de la esfera celeste”), meanwhile, in the other hand atmospheres oozed with hieratism are performed solo from “Tormenta” to “Ingrávido”. The synthesised backgrounds are mixed up with the progressive protagonism of the “drone pedal” till we hit the end of the album  “Stroszek”, which move us out to Werner Herzog and makes us think if songs like “Laberinto Fractura ” or “Elegía” would make the themes for films like Nosferatu or Aguirre, or maybe one of the latest documentaries.

Entelequia, in conclusión, is a sounding side dish ideal for those solitary trips to the end of the world, of this world or any other. 

The album was published the last 28th of May, it was released in Radio 3, in the program Siglo 21, Fluido Rosa.

You can listen to it now on digital platforms..

You may buy his albums on the label web or his bandcamp profile.

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