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The canary musician Luis Merino presents his new album, Pelula

The canary musician Luis Merino presents his new album, Pelula

In 1999, after being initiated in music with many bands in the Canary Islands, he moved out to Madrid and started to study music.

In 2005 he arrived in London to finish his studies, obtaining a superior bachelor in Jazz (Ba Jazz) from the University of Middlesex.

He’s being formed with highly talented teachers from Europe and the United States like Mike Outram, Nikki Lles, Stuart Hall, Cris Batchelor, Jonathan Kreisberg or Gilad Hekselman, etc…

When he was back to Gran Canaria, he became a part of the teachers from the Escuela Municipal de Música de Las Palmas where he teaches guitar and modern harmony lessons. 

At the same time he is always playing on the canary scene, being part in many projects with different genres, not only jazz.

He has founded and collaborated in bands like: Ni Funk Ni Fank, Biphasic, Funk Odyssey, Ensemble Salvaje, Gran Canaria Big Band, Orquesta Sinfónica de Las Palmas, etc…

His first music piece was written under the name of Blacky, and it obtained good critics from the public. His song ´´Sr Castaño´´, was elected to be the cover of the prestigious jazz magazine  “All About Jazz”.

During 2021 he recorded his second album Pelula, performed exclusively in Teatro Guiniguada. This album was focused in an electric and a more energetic format, where he adds her main musical influences like Modern Jazz, Progressive Rock and Classical Music… 

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¿What Pelula is?

Pelula is a word invented by Luis Merino’s son when he was 2 years old, it was a “war anthem” which started many games and pranks. In addition to being one of the songs from the album, this work is inspired by the changes across the birth of his son and how his life has changed since then. Some of the songs from the album Pelula we composed in the middle of the lockdown so they are full of thinking about the things that are important all above the life circumstances.